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Boardroom Heroes

by Boardroom Heroes

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released October 20, 2010



all rights reserved


Boardroom Heroes Maryland

Fast paced punk rock based out of Maryland.


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Track Name: Sister City
Another nightmare, another dream another bullshit fantasy
This place is only getting smaller by the minute
But with our flags turned upside down this whole world becomes sacred ground
Are people really so different beyond these city limits?

We were looking for someone to call a friend
A people somewhere, someone like us
We thought we could bridge the length of this divide with the want inside our hearts

But now we found a better way
We’ll let our force carry the day
There’s no pity for our sister city
Track Name: Pitchfork Politics
I don’t want to be the only one to care what to do when the lights go out,
promises of power that will never give back.
When all of us are under their spell
we can’t pick up after our own selves and then look back for all the people with nothing they’ve made us choose between the future and now.

It’s pitchfork politics when nothing can be fixed, everyone wants something for nothing then nothing can stop them from finding somebody to blame.

When they keep telling us that there is nothing that’s wrong the world doesn’t stop every time they come on and sound the alarm the world is too big for people so small and so very wrong their numbers are few but they’re just so loud, all singing the same song
Track Name: Signal Fading
We’ve all been compromised, living in this disguise
We’re all still waiting but the signal’s fading
I’m still attached to this, my life is in my fist
But our still hearts are left unshaken

I want a world where I am still worth something, unanswered questions dissipate
This place is broken, can we start all over or does all pain just turn to hate?

We all are something more now than we were before
Nothing’s abated but the signal’s fading
I feel so energized raising my voice this high
Nothing’s so distant that it can’t be brought back
Track Name: Atlantic
Across the oceans of water and time your spirit, intrinsic, will always consume you
The past is a memory, a lesson to me, that privilege can’t pay off the bounty of history
We’ve done this before oh so many times, I wouldn’t take all this back for the world
It’s hard to see, amidst the deceit, something we haven’t yet spoiled

I could’ve changed things myself, a burden indifferent to all that I’ve felt
We won’t be long for this world

This time I’m losing my Atlantic, it’s fine your authority’s semantic
The weight of this vision it overwhelms, imprisons
This time I’m losing my Atlantic

Out on the water it seems time stands still, I can hear lapping from centuries now gone
I want to swim across this divide, navigate where we went wrong
I want to know how our time has been spent through all the darkness and cold and every wretched tempest
I want to wallow in misery and bask in the glory and feel land under my feet
Track Name: The Beautiful
From here the cities look so crystalline and clean
While we work away every night and day we know just what it means
We are heritage, we are monuments, we are scars that never heal
We are the pain that everyone else knows but we will never feel

Another sight to see as a family gets booted from their home
Their eyes search for hope as they reach and grope and find they are alone
By the river banks where our values and our dreams got washed away
We heard voices saying take a look around at all the damage that you made

When they’re lying while we’re trying to make sense of it all, may God fix every flaw
To survive this we’re indifferent oh God is this America, the beautiful?

Are we a nation of wonder and awe?
Are we so different than we were that fall?
Track Name: Flat Tires (in America)
The politics of self governance are a mystery, but colors are so beautiful what good is history when we all possess the blessings of material wealth
Calling it a process makes little sense to me, it’s just a myth called creation carried out carelessly
I guess we’ll only figure it out when we get there first

Fixed elections and flat tires, in America what’s mine is yours
Eloquently illiterate, singing

What’s useless is priceless, what’s futile is worthwhile
The loud get louder, the stupid get chosen to rule in our fixed elections

The proverbial mental defects
What motivates us are booze and sex
Turn off the TV because there’s nothing on, singing
Track Name: Broken Peace
Our passion’s wilted, it’s all gone, been staring blankly for so long
All across the silent frontier with ears pressed to the ground we wait for sound
Scared to death the world has turned against us
No one cares that we’ve been left defenseless

By the gods we keep, the lives we lead
What’s underneath these broken dreams?
A method of insane conclusions, a memory
A broken peace

Can there be nothing other than concern for your brother
Or just the silent torture, homogenize our lives and culture
Despite the silent decay I remain hopeful for better days
To anyone who’d listen, I’d give myself up for better days
Is it better now, is it better this way
Do we possess the strength to move on even though we are scared to death the world has turned against us. No one cares that we’ve been left defense-less
Track Name: Expat
So you’re sad that you missed out on all the problems that you felt entitled, too much came too fast
You could never choose where you wanted to belong and that’s not all and
You felt the world try to change you, what culture do you belong to?
You were no longer a stranger anywhere, is that not fair?

Give my regards to lonely hearts, the patron saint of those who choose to stay and those who depart
Where are your friends, where did they go?
It’s hard to know for sure when you can’t really go home

And then you grew up and you thought you were screwed up, no citizen
What happened to the kid who wanted nothing more than only to fit in?
You swore the world had maimed you, what were you holding on to?
You know the world’s not so different inside after all

You wake up in the middle of the night feeling numb, what you feel you can’t decide
You look out your window and outside you see a different country every time
I want back and so do you
I won’t pack that’s what I do

But it’s up to you
It’s what’s Best for you
I just really don’t want you to
Track Name: Plainview
Another rainy day in paradise, we hate each other but we try so hard to be nice
And I don’t really want anything from you
There’s a window I’m looking out of but outside there’s no view

I’m only just figuring it out, doesn’t look like much to me
Because while I’m still in doubt this world is a mystery to me

I’m not looking for any sympathy, but I don’t really know what you want from me
We seem to be caught in between, our lives to be redeemed
But what was I looking for before, I can’t even remember anymore

I want something more than anything they’ve put forth
I don’t want to feel alone in this, want to feel like I can still exist
I don’t want to figure out there’s nothing left to figure out
I don’t want to live without doubt
Track Name: Ishmael
From tomorrow’s casualties come the lessons of today
From the millions never heard comes a path we’d never take
From the pride and arrogance to the non-existent plan,
Are all these filthy fucking streets the only legacy of man?

I have an earnest desire to change the world but is it beyond saving now?
Ask your questions but don’t expect an answer, from Ishmael I learned
From all the paths that we could take we choose the one with no return
Throughout the course of history you would’ve thought that we would learn
Mother culture’s got it wrong but no one will tell her
Leavers and takers, destroyers and makers, we must understand now much sooner than later

From Ishmael I learn this desire to save the world but is it beyond saving now
Track Name: Silver & Coal
When there’s nothing left we are all next
In the present tense we don’t stand a chance
What does it mean to exist without this vision, their world is all fictional
I’ve found I don’t know what’s out there, the only thing is nothing close to spiritual

On reality we disagree: profit, bottom-line, indecent commodity
No one else is going to ruin this one, we are the architects of our demise
Teenage surrender and a bullet through a shattered sky

One more day turns to night
There’s no other way to turn out right
All we’ve got to show is silver and coal
We’ve embarked on this direction

How can I make this on my own
Some things I swore I’ve never know
One more day is never enough time anyway
To convince us we were right