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Another Year

by Boardroom Heroes

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released June 5, 2012

Sinking Ship Records



all rights reserved


Boardroom Heroes Maryland

Fast paced punk rock based out of Maryland.


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Track Name: Acceptance
These days aren’t getting any shorter
And I’m getting tired of living at the border
Between what I should’ve said and what I said, between what I really did and did inside my
I’m running out of time to get over it (over it)

This isn’t where I want to go (waking up)
This isn’t where I want to be (I’m tired of giving up)
This isn’t where I thought you and me would end up back when we were in our teens (if I
don’t show up I won’t let myself down)
This isn’t what I want to say (if I’m making up)
I didn’t even think it’d be this way (for all the things I once fucked up)
We’re not gone, something’s just gone wrong (it won’t matter)
Now I’m stuck here singing this stupid song

If you believe it, then that’s called acceptance
And the way you live is not making it much easier

I swear that I didn’t know what else to say to her
And if you accept it, then you’ve been defeated
And the way you feel doesn’t really matter now because you’ll end up putting all this
behind you somehow

And the worst part is I think we’ve already begun
The process of forgetting how to make amends
Tie me down face down in the dirt and I won’t bother you again with all these stupid words
In a way I think that you could say that the reason that we’re singing this is we’re okay
We’re all okay

Waking up, I’m almost tired of always giving up
One thing’s for certain: if I don’t show up I won’t let myself down
And if I’m making up for all the small things that I once fucked up
It won’t matter because I’ll still see myself through this cracked lens that makes up these
eyes of mine
Track Name: Paradise
The America of Theodore Dreiser was a tragedy, not far removed from the West Egg home
of Gatsby
In the ring, in one corner was Jack Dempsey, but other than the heavyweight champ the
ring was empty

We are all ghosts, we are all fiction
And I will never be a part of it
In a nation of characters of every sort what vision can we have
To better carry on?

The America of Holden Caulfield was a phony, and Sal Paradise wasn’t only fleeing
The rebel never found his cause and the Lost Generation is still lost

We are prisoners, we are all children
And I can never get away from it
In a nation of stereotype and phenotype and look-alikes we’re lost
There’s nothing left to say
Track Name: Elephant
Don’t chase your better dreams away
I know there’s nothing I could say to make you change your mind
It’s not like you’d listen anyway
You’ve had your good times but you’ve taken mine

Tomorrow’s better when it’s in the past
It happens so fast that you’ve got nothing to show for it, you never really thought much
about it
I remember bottles, I remember glass
And exactly where we were when our intentions got lit

Don’t leave me alone here tonight
I’m scared to death that I might finally get it right

I remember everything, what was done and what it meant to me
Just like an elephant
And in my head these thoughts are still intact, what was said I take all of it back
Just like an elephant

I’m leaving this all behind now
It took forgetting to remember how
Track Name: City Song
I feel like someone’s following me as I walk down these dim streets and find that
Nothing even looks the same to me
I was up where the road meets the rut, where all of the cars get stuck and wondered
If I’d get left behind there myself

All of these sounds berate me from all around and only serve to confound the way

I feel about myself and this spoiled world
Start to panic as everything turns to static, is the world so erratic that concrete
Dreams are the only ones that can last?

Because this city doesn’t look like paradise
Yeah, the bright lights just seem hazy to these eyes
When the skyscrapers collapse, the avenues no longer flat
Maybe then we’ll cast aside our shared disguise

Buildings of crystal don’t hide a lack of a soul as they plot how to dispose of all of
Us one and all

Make this city bleed, it’s best for you and me
Expose the travesty of penthouse inequity

This kind of shit calls out for our own reply
Track Name: Empty Men
Don’t believe me when I say I’ve got enough
Because I don’t know what that means

This one is for country, for god and love of money
They’re the same thing, there’s no wrong it seems, and I’m wondering if what it means
Is that I was never like you and it’s because of what you do
You won’t hesitate, no, to isolate, isn’t this great? Let’s call it fate, yeah

I’m not like them, with their bulletproof hearts
These empty men will tear you and I apart
End over end, and as the world spins so
Do we all end up just like them?

Hollywood contagion, it happens all backstage and
I want to be so much more than me but more than just celebrity
Isn’t this confusing? Is hardship so amusing?
We trivialize, live in disguise, and accept ever greater lies

They’re making us feel pain for their gain, with their bulletproof and leaden hearts
Sometimes I can’t help but feel shame that they’ve gotten everything from the start
But their dreams aren’t made, they’re bought and sold by me and you

Their dreams are unfounded
Don’t say I’ve got enough
Track Name: Not Hesitating
I’m feeling selfish, I forgot your name
I’m feeling so bad knowing that you even came
To this place when I didn’t want you to
Where I can’t tell apart who’s who
Where who knows what I might not do

But it’s all been for nothing, I’m not hesitating

I hate exposure, I don’t mean in photographs
There’s something insincere about every time you laugh
Won’t you wipe that smile off your face
You’re really stinking up this place
Relationships are not a race
But you’ve lost, because I’m not hesitating
Track Name: Believe Me
Believe me I still care, you’re the one who’s not there

You never cared at all, you were so ungrateful
So needy, so jaded, I pressed on
This time next year believe me I’ll be gone

The sun is setting on our innocence
We are the children of our medicine
Secrets don’t ring true when you shout them out
We’ve heard this already before

Don’t make me say this, I don’t think I can
Stuck between what I was and what I am
I know for sure that what I said was true
It’s too bad it bounced right off you
Track Name: Pieces
So pick me up
I can't afford dementia now, I think I've lost faith in this town
Lost my faith in this direction, I hope it all comes crashing down
And there's a lot that wasn't said, and even more that wasn't felt
I think we're losing our momentum, I don't think we're doing too well

Here we are, wearing thin
There's something broken deep within

This is our weakness now, the silence has gotten too loud
Regain composure or just fall to pieces
Inside these horrible mistakes resides a consciousness that breaks
Sit back and watch as it just falls to pieces

This is a promise that we've made, promised all that we ever gave
Is is possible to offer more than this?
This is an opportunity to fight a common enemy
Or just let all of it just fall to pieces

We're here now, a sight to see
This is what we're supposed to be
Track Name: Tomorrow Came Early
These illusions of myself on my best days
Aren’t exactly what I want to be remembered for
What do I get for my patience and my take on adulthood?
Just a picture of a million times regret

These days I’m missing everything, so close it can make you go insane
Try now, it might work better this time, I wanted to not have to wait

I might die tomorrow, tomorrow came early
Time moves so slow, please don’t remind me

These convictions don’t mean shit when they no longer work for you
A little less time spent on others while you indulge and choose to self-absorb
No I won’t, I don’t think that’s the best way to spend what little time I have
Oh well, who knows? I don’t get it, my ability to reason is moot

These are the days
Track Name: Noise Heard Backwards
Tell me it’s not all just noise heard backwards

I feel the need to reconnect
This always looked so good in retrospect

We’re finally here now, in this position
Where I can lay down on your couch with your permission
I want to make up for the lost time that we never had
And with you realize that all that wasted time it wasn’t so bad
So what I’m saying, if you can hear me, I want to get this right and hope that he’s forgiving
Because I can see the end and it looks pretty good from here
The only thing I hope is that the start is really quite this near

Don’t make this a non-starter
Make me feel like it’s worth trying harder
History and memory
Come together here almost completely
Tell me it’s not all just noise heard backwards

Remember when we had so much to say?
I’m tired of being stuck at words today

We’re finally here now, getting older
And I can feel the years between us on my shoulders
I want to say this clear but I can never find the words
The only choice I have is to write it all up inside a verse
Track Name: The Navigator
Today I’m making all this go away
Because I’ve found you’ve got nothing left to say
We’ve always run just from ourselves but now I’m running from this place
Because it’s not getting worse, it’s getting better at too slow a pace

I don’t care if I lose myself along the way, as long as I’m leading myself
Don’t think I need a hanger-on facilitator
I’ll always be the navigator

Today I’m making all this go my way
Because assholes talk and then they fade away
Everyone else has carried on (so have they all?)
You ever feel just like you’ve stalled?
Track Name: Another Year
No, don’t make me the bad guy here
I’m just trying to be sincere, I only wish that didn’t mean killing your dream
Teen, teenagers get old so fast
Pretty soon everything is past, all you want is another year (another show, another
summer drive)

The back of my mind is a fucking gold mine
For memories I have now frozen in time
I can see your face now, I can hear you say a million things
Say you wanted this but we couldn’t fight the changes

Breaking Texas, I hope it hasn’t broken us
I could feel you fall apart
Breaking habits, I never said I could be perfect
And I don’t think you could either
We’re not the same

Wake up after all of these years, hope these lyrics don’t come off insincere
This is the closest I’ll get to saying sorry